Global Fleet of Modular Moveable Megawatt-Scale Solar Assets

SunSHIFT is a company aiming to deliver megawatt-scale solar assets into markets currently locked out of solar by providing modular and moveable solar farms, as either stand-alone on-grid systems or integrated hybrid off-grid power plants. Its farms are made up of pre-engineered and pre-fabricated container-sized modules, enabling future expansion, rearrangement, or removal at relatively low-cost. Based on this feature, which decouples the asset’s ability to generate revenue from the initial contract, SunSHIFT is aiming to introduce a new asset financing facility to back a global fleet of moveable solar farms that will deploy 10MW in year one.

Dr. Will Rayward-Smith

General Manager SunSHIFT


Paul A Ward, General Manager, Laing O’Rourke

Key metrics

Metrics Value
Market size 100GW+
CO2 saving for each 1GW of assets 1 million tonnes/year
Potential scale of intervention $2bn+/year
"Major whole new markets open up for solar when formatted as a modular and moveable asset."
- The Fire Team


  • Sector: Electricity / Power
  • Geography: World-wide relevance; Initial focus Oceania, Africa and Latin America

Action plan

  • Q1 2017: 1MW pilot site identified and funded
  • Q2 2017: Form working group to define fund structure and identify first markets
  • Q3 2017: Conduct 1MW pilot and showcase to funding consortium and customers
  • Q4 2017: Finalise funding consortium and achieve first sales

Main barriers addressed

  • Stranded asset risk
  • Customer creditworthiness
  • Contract duration
  • Logistics and construction cost and complexity