Global Renewable Independent Power Supplier (GRIPS)

The Global Renewable Independent Power Supplier (“Grips”) provides reliable, clean energy beyond the world of fossil fuels and public grids. In an innovative, market-based approach, Grips substitutes diesel generators and enables clean energy where it was not available before. Grips finances and operates grid-independent, hybrid power plants and sells the energy directly to commercial and industrial energy consumers worldwide and across all sectors. Based on tailored energy supply contracts, Grips provides its customers 24/7 and at attractive terms with exactly the energy they need to run their businesses. As Grips finances the projects, its customers get CAPEX-free energy access on a pay-per-use basis. All Grips projects are aggregated into an investable portfolio. By combining an own-and-operate model with a sustainable financing approach, Grips bridges the gap between large off-takers looking for clean and stable energy supply and investors seeking attractive returns. The Grips model has been developed and is implemented by an interdisciplinary team combining decades of experience in renewable energy, storage technologies, finance, risk management and software development. The Grips model fosters economic growth in areas that are currently without stable energy supply and facilitates the reduction of CO2 emissions and air pollution.

Alexander Voigt



Arvid Seeberg-Elverfeldt, CFO, GRIPS Energy AG Michael Friedel, CTO, GRIPS Energy AG Timon Herzog, COO, GRIPS Energy AG

Key metrics

Metrics Value
Current market potential Greater than 150 GW
Growth of market potential 5% p.a.
CO2 savings per 1% transformation to renewables 3 million tonnes p.a.
Market opportunity Greater than $5 billion p.a.

Opportunities for involvement

  • Contact us for an assessment of your project
  • Become a Grips customer or partner
  • Invest in our project portfolio
  • Share available data on local regulations, climate conditions, etc.
  • Approach Grips with your ideas for cooperation
“Great approach to connect large off-takers looking for clean and stable energy supply with investors seeking attractive returns.”
- The FiRe Team


  • Sector: Grid-independent energy supply (ESCO and IPP)
  • Geography: Worldwide; regions without or with unstable grid

Action plan

  • First pilot site identified (mid 2016)
  • In total ≥ 3-4 pilot sites identified (late 2017)
  • First pilot project completed (mid 2018)
  • Another ≥ 1-3 pilot sites under development/construction (late 2018)

Main barriers

  • Awareness and confidence of industrial off-takers
  • Monopolistic utility market structures
  • Country-specific regulatory hurdles