Investor Confidence Project

The Investor Confidence Project (ICP) is a project of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to accelerate a global asset class for energy efficiency investment in buildings by standardizing projects, from initial design through measurement and verification.

ICP assembles existing engineering standards and practices into a consistent and transparent framework, certifies compliant projects as “investor-ready,” and provides consistency needed to count on efficiency as an effective investment and demand-side resource.

In the U.S., ICP is operational in a targeted set of states, from California to Texas and New York. In 2015, thanks to a grant from the European Commission, ICP launched in Europe – both at the European Commission level and on-the-ground in the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Austria and Portugal.

We have a technical support network of over 150 members, an Investor Network representing nearly $2 billion in assets under management, and partnerships with key government agencies in U.S. and Europe, and we leverage EDF’s platform as an international environmental organization.

We seek additional support to deepen our engagement with business and financial partners, to design a governance structure capable of supporting the project at a global scale, and to help adapt ICP to new markets in India, Latin America, and China.

Andy Darrell

Chief of Strategy, Global Energy & Finance
Environmental Defense Fund


Matt Golden, Project Lead, Investor Confidence Project
Panama Bartholomy, Director, Investor Confidence Project Europe

Key metrics

Metrics Value
Current Market Size Over 100 million buildings
Potential Market Size Over $1 trillion*
*Estimates of market potential reach $50-100 billion per year in both the U.S. and Europe – Environmental Defense Fund conservatively estimates impact on half of that if it can reach scale. McKinsey, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group, the International Energy Agency, and others have estimated market potential.

Opportunities for involvement

  • Join. ICP’s Ally Network and Investor Network are open to investors, and companies or agencies who want to stay up-to-date.
  • Partner. Help create new ICP-certified projects in the U.S. and Europe, and support us in adapting standardized energy efficiency protocols to cities in India, Latin America and China.
"Investor Confidence Project is an innovative and actionable intervention that will bring needed investment in energy efficiency to buildings in cities around the world."
- The FiRe Team


  • Sector: Global energy efficiency
  • Geography: Operational in the U.S. and Europe, expanding to other countries

Action plan

  • Set up global governance for the technical aspect of the ICP system (6/2016)
  • Embed ICP in U.S. and European national and regional policy (12/2016)
  • Secure ICP adoption by government agencies and the private sector in the U.S. and Europe (12/2016)
  • Mobilize ICP projects to spark widespread adoption in the U.S. and Europe (2016-2017)
  • Catalyze first round of Investor Ready Energy EfficiencyTM aggregations/securitizations (2017-2018)
  • Establish partnerships for global scale adoption in China, India and Latin America (2017-2018)

Main barriers

  • Lack of standardization limits scale
  • Uncertainty about return on investments
  • Limited private funding


  • Andy Darrell
  • Chief of Strategy, Global Energy & Finance, Environmental Defense Fund