Online Financing of Clean Energy Projects

The biggest barrier holding back the clean energy revolution is access to “project" capital.  Investment banking firms focus on financing utility scale projects ($100M +) where the fees are the largest, leaving middle market ($3M-$100M) developers to find their own capital. More than 75% can’t find the project capital they need, leaving $300 billion of unbuilt projects, every year.  Repower Capital is solving this problem with its online transaction engine. It automates finding capital for mid-market solar, wind and waste-to-energy projects. RePower reports that it's transaction engine is much faster and reduces man hours required by up to 90%.  Developers submit their projects online and get a $25,000 screening and financeability report for free. Those with high enough scores submit all their project data for vetting, structuring, and matching with the capital sources. RePower has over $80 billion of investable equity, tax and debt capital sources looking for middle-market projects to fund.


Wayne Van Dyck

CEO RePower Capital

Key metrics

Metrics Value
Estimated reduction of project financing costs ~90%
Target amount of annual financings ~$50 billion
Number of coal plants RePower aims to eliminate in ten years 400


  • Sector: Electricity / Power
  • Geography: Worldwide

Key Milestones

  • July 2017 – Financing backlog $1 billion
  • Aug 2017 – Close first project financing
  • Sep 2017 – Close second project financing
  • Oct 2017 – Cash flow positive
  • Dec 2o17 – First profitable year

Main barriers addressed

  • High cost, long time, and low probability of raising mid-market project capital